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Fishing in Corlo lake: chasing giant pikes!


Corlo lake in Arsiè together with Weissensee and Wörther See belongs to a small group of European lakes that are considered fishing heaven.

The lake is renowned at international level for fishing pikes and big carps, royal perchs and many other fishes such as lake trouts, lake whitefishes and tenches.

There are many enthusiastic evidences regarding giant catches.

News 2015: starting from year 2015 the lake became a "no-kill zone" for pikes.

More info about fishing licences can be found at the reception.

The Camping al Lago in Arsiè on the Corlo riversive is perfect for a holiday dedicated to recreational fishing, recreating the atmosphere of the Norwegian fjords’ fishing as well as the Canadian style one.

It is possible to book the famous Norwegian style bungalow-tents (2+2+1+1 beds, containing a bathroom with a shower, a kitchen area and an external terrace).


Corlo lake is the ideal place for a fishing holiday in Veneto!

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